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Alright, a topic that I know a little bit of information about. Hunter and I both get questions about what equipment we use to shoot with so I have decided to give y'all some details on my gear as well as some tips and tricks. I'm always learning more about photography and trying to improve my skills so here are my two cents on the topic. At the end of the day composition and lighting are truly the most important elements of photography. Having expensive gear doesn't automatically equal "good" photographs but there are a few staple pieces of equipment that I think will improve the quality of your work.

Keep It HAndsome | Why you should invest in your barber

Having a good haircut can do wonders for a guy. Whether it’s a tight fade, cleaned up flow or a single guard all over, maintaining a nice haircut goes a long way. As a kid my mom took me to a salon every other month for a haircut but I never realized how important a professional haircut was.

Groomsmen Gift Guide

When I was trying to decide what gifts to get my groomsmen when I asked them to be a part of our wedding, I struggled big time! Guys are pretty easy to shop for but when it comes down to something this special, nothing seems quite good enough. I searched Pinterest for a long time but everything felt either too cheap, cheesy or expensive. I wanted to get a gift for them that was unique and functional. I found a few things that I loved that I'll list below but I ultimately decided to custom make my own gifts.

Why I Carry a Pocket Knife (almost) Everywhere I Go

Ever since I can remember I have carried a pocket knife. Call me old school but when I was around 7 years old I received my first pocket knife as a gift from my dad and there haven't been many days since then that I didn't have a knife with me. There are many reasons as to why I believe carrying a knife is beneficial so let's explore them.

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