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For as long as I can remember I have always loved to travel. Almost all of my extended family lives in Florida so as a child my family and I would go down each year to see everyone. I began racing ATV Motocross in high school and that allowed me to travel all over the country with my parents and brothers. Seeing so many cool places sparked my interest in travel and photography. Once I met Hunter and realized that she loved traveling as much as I did, I knew we were destined to a life full of adventure. Whether we are wandering the streets of Italy, skiing in the mountains of Colorado, exploring Wyoming or relaxing in Maui, we are always excited for the next opportunity to create lifelong memories and experience the beauty of the world.



2018 Destinations

  • Jupiter, FL
  • Charleston, SC
  • Maui, HI
  • Promise City, IA
  • Oxford, MS

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Hunter and I have a shared love for travel that has taken on many reasons. We love to experience the history, culture, food and people that different parts of the world hold. Creating lifelong memories with my best friend in the most beautiful places is what inspires me to get out and explore the world.