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Growing up I was always complimented on my manners. My father was in the Navy so he instilled the basic traits of a chivalrous gentleman in me and my brothers at an early age. It was always yes sir no sir, yes ma'am no ma'am regardless of the persons age. I quickly noticed the respect I earned amongst adults by being a kind, well mannered person and it stuck with me. I hold the door open for people, open the door for any lady that is getting in a car, offer my coat or umbrella to someone in need, always say please and thank you and I try my hardest to be a gentleman at all costs.


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Topics I'll Cover

  • Being a Gentleman
  • Rules for a Knight (book)
  • Charity
  • Modern Day Relationships
  • Planning Dates
  • Helping with Wedding Planning

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What Is Chivalry?

To me being chivalrous means a lot of things. A chivalrous guy is always polite, treats other with respect, knows how to handle his temper and always takes the high road. He plans dates for his significant other, performs random acts of kindness without any desire for a reward or recognition and above all, he has integrity.