Groomsmen Gift Guide

When I was trying to decide what gifts to get my groomsmen when I asked them to be a part of our wedding, I struggled big time! Guys are pretty easy to shop for but when it comes down to something this special, nothing seems quite good enough. I searched Pinterest for a long time but everything felt either too cheap, cheesy or expensive. I wanted to get a gift for them that was unique and functional. I found a few things that I loved that I'll list below but I ultimately decided to custom make my own gifts.

I found some inspiration online and went for it. I purchased 12 bottles of Woodford Reserve Whiskey and fired up my laptop. I designed a custom label in illustrator that featured our wedding date, location and each individuals name as well as their position in the wedding. I love making things so the process of removing the original labels, cutting out and pasting the new labels and admiring the finished product was very rewarding. These guys were the witnesses to my marriage and they are the most special group of guys I know so it was only fitting for me to really put some effort into these gifts. 

If going the custom handmade route isn't your thing here are a few other suggestions. 

What guy doesn't love a good travel bag for their toiletries? My brother is getting married in August and he gave me and my brother toiletry bags with our initials embroidered in the side and they were filled with travel essentials because his wedding will be in Maui. 

Another great gift idea is a custom flask. Here is an option that isn't too expensive and is wrapped in custom printed leather. I love gifts that are functional and purposeful and these achieve both of those. You may even splurge and go ahead and fill the flask up with your favorite spirit.

Also, remember this. These dudes love you as much as you love them and they will be happy with the honor to stand by your side. Gifts are a nice gesture but standing by someone you love and trust is the most special gift of all. So instead of a gift maybe plan a fun outing with all your groomsmen or each one individually and try to make a good memory out of the night.


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