Keep It Handsome | Why You Should Invest in Your Barber

Whether you have a job interview coming up, have just started a new job, or you are at a place in your life where you feel you need a change, don’t hesitate to explore the option of a fresh haircut. 

Having a good haircut can do wonders for a guy. Whether it’s a tight fade, cleaned up flow or a single guard all over, maintaining a nice haircut goes a long way. As a kid my mom took me to a salon every other month for a haircut but I never realized how important a professional haircut was. 

Fast forward to high school where I thought all I needed to do was buzz my hair at home and that was good enough. I would cut it with a single guard all over and let it grow wild for a few months until I decided it was time to cut it again. This was the wrong approach. I liked the fact that it was simple but looking back I didn’t have a “cool” haircut that made me look handsome, and man, that would have helped my confidence. I never realized what I was missing out on until I started getting my hair cut by a professional again which so happened to be my mother-in-law. 

After letting my hair grow wild for a whole year, I finally had Melissa cut and style my hair and I haven’t looked back since. Managing Barbour 3 definitely has its perks. I can get my hair cut any day I want and to this day I’ve never been so well groomed. I typically get my hair cut twice a month to maintain the tight fade and style I want. 


  • Go to a professional barber shop or salon. I cannot express how important this is. A lot of people go to salons that are extremely inexpensive and leave with a haircut that is not what they were looking for. The problem with these salons is that most of their employees are there gaining experience and are just out of school. Now, this isn’t a bad thing because every barber/stylist needs to start somewhere. But, as a customer, if you are looking for an experienced barber or stylist, your best bet is to spend a little more money at a shop/salon with good reviews. You will be paying for a more experienced service provider, an overall better experience, and consistency. When I say consistency that means that each time you come back and see the same person, your haircut will will be the exact same as it was before. This is because that person will remember how they cut your hair each time making it easier to replicate. They will also learn how your hair grows and won't mess up on troublesome areas where your hair may lay differently (crowns and cowlicks). 
  • Not everyone can achieve the same style - search for styles based on the texture of your hair (curly, straight, thick, thin) and come prepared with images of what you want to achieve.
  • Be prepared to buy product that will help you achieve a certain style if it requires one. 
  • Trust the process- this means two things - 1. Be patient while you get your hair cut and 2. If you are getting your haircut by a new person for the first time and are looking to achieve a new look, it may take a few visits. Sitting and looking at yourself in a mirror while someone chips away at your mane can be a scary thing especially when going for a drastic change. Remember that you are paying a professional to do their job in which they are highly skilled and you have to wait until the end to view the result. You may want something tweaked and that's ok but wait until they ask you if everything looks ok. A haircut can look pretty funny halfway through but once you see the end result you will most likely be in awe of the result that is your newfound handsomeness. Remember that keyword PROCESS.


  • Growing a beard takes time and patience
  • You will go through a phase that itches and it will drive you crazy
  • Trimming your beard at home sounds easy but it isn't if you are trying to achieve a certain look. Consider seeing a barber/stylist on a regular basis so they can keep it trimmed for you and help you get to where you want. They have training, experience and knowledge that is invaluable. 
  • Don't be afraid to apply oils and balms to help your beard look healthy, feel soft and stay in place so it looks kept up rather than a straight-out-of-the-bush look (unless that's what you are going for)
  • I have always struggled to grow thicker facial hair on my cheeks. Hunter always told me I look like Abe Lincoln because my beard only grew under my chin but that all changed. I give credit to the new thicker growth of my beard to the fact that I began taking Vital Proteins - Collagen Peptides every morning with my coffee. Collagen is a building block that our bodies use to build hair, nails, skin, bones and joints. I believe my habitual use for a few months changed my beard. I went from having minimal hair on my cheeks to having an equal amount as under my chin. I have gradually noticed the difference and even after not taking them for the past 2 months my beard has stayed full. (I am in no way sponsored or associated with Vital Proteins- I just love their product)

Here are a few of my grooming favorite products


Hair Styling - Layrite Natural Matte Cream

  • I love this product because it has a soft hold and a matte finish. It is also water soluble which allows you to wash it out easier.

Beard Styling - Weatherbeard Beard Whip

  • This product gives your beard a nice shiny finish making it look and feel healthier. It's like beard oil on steroids. Instead of being in the form of oil (which is so easy to spill everywhere and ruin any leather it falls on) its a shipped consistency that melts in your hands.

Beard Trimming -  Andis cordless beard trimmer

  • It comes in a nice carrying case for travelling and a few different guards to get your length just right. I typically trim my beard once every other week and trim my neck every 3 days. This trimmer makes quick work of it all and never pulls my hair.

Razor Detailing - Folding Straight Razor

  • For when you feel confident enough, you can begin detailing your beard with a straight razor. Everytime I trim my beard i razor the top like and up around my sideburns. My best piece of advice is to stop while you are ahead or else you will end up with a chin strap before you know it.