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Heritage 1865 Pheasant Hunting Lodge

I had the opportunity to go out to Promise City, Iowa and go on a 2 day pheasant hunt with my father-in-law Don and our friend Bucky. I had never been on a pheasant hunt before so I was really excited for this trip. We made it to the lodge on Friday and got settled in with our Guide Travis and his chef, Tim (yea this isn't your average hunt camp). We were treated like royalty from the moment we walked in until the morning we left.

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Wyoming | A Travel Guide to the Northeast Corner

A few months ago Hunter and I had the opportunity to visit the great state of Wyoming. We have both been to Colorado countless times but we only ever went on ski trips and never got to experience what the western states had to offer outside of the mountain life. We teamed up with the Wyoming Board of Tourism, who planned a 4 day adventure packed trip that would lead us all around the North East corner of the state. 

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BTS Blogging + Photography Tips

I feel like there is this misconception about bloggers and how all they do is look pretty and run around taking photos all the time. This is the complete opposite for me and Hunter. I have been taking her photographs since day one and we have made this feel less like a job and more like an adventure that both of us get to share together.

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